PET-G New Series with Luxury Stone Designs
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PET-G New Series with Luxury Stone Designs

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Our company has recently developed unique Luxury Stone series of PET high-gloss films, the PET-G series. 

First of all, in terms of color, Luxury Stone has various colors and ever-changing patterns, but each product is unique. Can its product have the largest pattern? The perfect presentation depends on the ashes-level stone masters’ precise grasp of the internal characteristics and grain direction of the luxury stone raw materials, on the top designers’ precise control over the cutting design and cutting angles, and on the excellent stone craftsmen’s pure handicrafts. The cutting is meticulously crafted.

Secondly, our company uses high-quality PET film and performs UV treatment after printing. It has strong UV fastness, resistance to scrubbing and pollution, and has a protective film on the surface. Thickness ranges from 27 to 30 microns. Mainly suitable for various background walls, hotel halls, stair halls, etc.

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