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Greenwood New Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.

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Greenwood New Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. established in 2013. is specialized in the development and production of variety of decorative films relying on professional technical personnel, advanced equipment and strict quality management system.

We mainly produce PVC decorative films, outdoor weather resistant decorative films(exterior foil), PET hot stamping foils. We use special new technology to improve the product's wear resistance, solvent resistance, oxidation resistance, heat and cold resistance. Such performance has been well received by our customers.

We are specialized in the producing high quality PVC decorative film with water-based environmentally friendly ink. Although the traditional oil-based ink is more convenient to produce and match color, it has a strong smell and requires the addition of highly corrosive solvents for deployment, which no longer meets the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements. Our PVC film adopts environmentally friendly water-based ink. No matter how high the temperature is, our film is completely odorless and 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Our company has recently developed a series of high-end new designs and colors, such as Morandi skin-feeling series, elegant metallic series, and modern marble series. These designs and colors are suitable for high-end decoration styles, used for sofa background walls, high-end hotel walls.

Our company takes "customer first, quality first,pioneering and innovative, keeping improving" as our purpose, and we are willing to cooperate with you sincerely.

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Dazhuge Industrial park, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, China
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