Marble Grains PET Hot Stamping Foils for PVC Marble Sheet
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Marble Grains PET Hot Stamping Foils for PVC Marble Sheet

marble grain PET hot stamping foils
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  • ZL-064C

  • Greenwood

  • 3920620000

Our PET marble grains hot stamping foils are specifically designed for surface stamping on PVC large boards. With a wide selection of popular marble patterns available, customers have the flexibility to choose the perfect design for their needs. Additionally, we continuously develop new patterns to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Our marble transfer foils are manufactured using the highest quality ink and release agents imported from South Korea. This ensures exceptional performance and stability. The foils can be smoothly peeled off, providing a seamless and stable color finish. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrate with the surface's glossy oil coating, creating a flawless and professional appearance.

Choose our PET marble grains hot stamping foils for a reliable and professional solution to enhance the visual appeal of PVC large boards.

Product Name

Hot Stamping Printing Foil

Pattern color

Customized design or choose from our   pattern catalogue


ISO, Intertek, IAF, SGS

Base film thickness


Total thickness


Brand name


Length per roll


Paper core diameter

75mm (3”), 25mm(1”)

Minimum quantity

1480-2480 SQM

Application for marble grains PET hot stamping foils



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