Anti - Weathering Exterior foil laminating PMMA film for outdoor window and doors
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Anti - Weathering Exterior foil laminating PMMA film for outdoor window and doors

Exterior foil for outdoor windows and doors
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Qingdao Greenwood New Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development and production of variety of decorative films relying on professional technical personnel, advanced equipment and strict quality management system.

We mainly produce PVC floor film, PVC furniture film, PET/PVC composite decorative film, outdoor weather resistant decorative films(exterior foil)

Basic information for Exterior foil  for outdoor usage:

Material PVC printing layer+ PMMA layer
Thickness 0.16mm to 0.2mm


1260mm or 630mm

Surface Treatment

Application PVC WPC Wall Panels lamination; window profile wrapping


solid colors, solid wooden grains, stone texture

Exterior PVC film is now been widely used as one kind of decoration material;  for example, we may use it onto MDF, PVC foam panels, garage doors, PVC fences, exterior wall panels, swimming poor profiles and UPVC profiles.


1. anti-UV light

This makes it possible that this product could be put as exterior use, and could action as protection film for basic material. For example, it would be with the longer life time for the U-PVC profiles after the lamination

2. lower the temperature

The foil could block the sunlight thus lowers the damages from the sunlight onto the windows

3. decoration function

It could be with the wooden colors that make it with more natural eyesight & make the home or office more warm

4. high temperature resistance

Tests on our products:
1,Completion of Artificial Weathering Test By using the UV light to test color stability of the foil,Up to an irradiation does of 12GJ/m2,according to EN513
2,Water & Moisture Resistance Completion of Artificial Weathering Test  (18min spray condition) Low moisture absorption, excellent quality stability
3, Energy Efficiency
Material resistance against infrared rays applied to lower surface temperature of laminated profile, then add the weather resistance, and longer life time.

Package for Exterior foil for outdoor usage:

exterior packing picture


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